What's going on here?


Experimentation is a catalyst for outcomes that would otherwise not be discovered.


Electronic experimentations ranging from dub and ambient through to more danceable compositions.


Organic manifestations of fractal geometry reveal the uncanny relationship between nature and mathematics.


Interactive visual creations juxtaposed against traditional business software concepts.

Logo with green Pterodactyl


Market research in rural communities highlighted some business owners who already had sites built with a CMS system but were daunted by the prospect of making changes to their own website due to the complexity of the CMS graphic interface.

As a consequence, Abstractal decided to build their own CMS system which is devoid of all the unnecessary 'bells and whistles'. Pterodactyl is the result of that process. The primary concept of Pterodactyl is to give the user the ability to modify most of the text and images of their website via very simple graphic interfaces.

Ponder interface with ocean background and plain text controls

Ponder in Autoponder mode


A collection of 32 drown-tempo loops of field recordings and music, the Android app Ponder is designed for those moments when you you just can’t decide what to listen to.

An auto-play feature, Autoponder, allows Ponder to forge a new variation with every play, meandering between minimal ambient to more brooding constructs.

screenshot of TDT code result

TDT code

screenshot of Twirlytrons code result


screenshot of Primary web code result

Primary Web

Orange exploding fractal


Steampunk sculpture looks like a lazer


Spaceman holding an exploding beer

Digital Art

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